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The Josh & John's Way

Every ice cream hand-crafted at Josh & John's is done so in the custom machines pictured above. This one-of-a-kind process is unique to Colorado and the United States.  These freezers are adapted from old White Mountain hand churns and they ensure a creamy, smooth and dense product. 

This process, in addition to using locally sourced, high quality ingredients is what makes our ice creams so special.  Josh & John's was the first company to bring New England style ice cream to Colorado and we work every day at our Churn Barn to perfect our craft.

Starting Lineup

Noteworthy Facts:

  • All dairy comes from members of the Western Dairymen's Association

  • The dairy is about a quarter mile from where we churn the ice creams

  • All ice creams are made in custom churns

  • We use egg as an emulsifier rather than inferior substitutes

  • No bovine hormones here

  • Our dairy ice cream custom label base is made to our specifications

  • The base of our ice creams have less sugar than most local competitors

  • Our ice creams are stored in specialized freezers that maintain temperatures of 25 below

Dairy Free
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