The Scoop Bus 

Booking an event...

  • Step 1. Check the calendar to verify that the bus is free when you need it. 

  • Step 2. Submit the Scoop Bus Questionnaire 

  • Step 3. We will contact you to discuss details and answer questions.

  • Step 4. Pay the $175 booking fee and sign the contract.

  • Step 5. We are on our way!

Flexible Pricing...

We will work with you on ensuring that your Scoop Bus party stays within a budget by either capping the event at a set dollar amount and/or limiting what guests can order.

The Menu

In order to offer an expanded flavor line-up the Scoop Bus now carries 8 oz. cups of ice cream. Your guests will be able to choose from our 8 most popular flavors plus we always carry a vegan sorbet option.


Please direct all questions you have about the

Scoop Bus to

Do not contact the retail stores.


Inside Scoop