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Employment Opportunities 

Join 0ur team

Are you interested in joining our ScoopTeam family? Applicants must be outgoing, friendly, at least 17 years old, and ready to work hard!  

We are accepting applications to work at all locations.  Please read about the job expectations below and then select from one of the options that best suits your employment needs.


John & Lindsay

What we expect in our staff

Josh & John's is known for being an energetic workplace, but it is work! Every Scooper is held to a high standard to accomplish our mission and expected to excel in their role. Below are listed skills that are a must for members our ScoopTeam. Please take a second to evaluate yourself in these areas.


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  • Always Start with Yes!

  • Confidently, kindly, and authentically engage customers and coworkers

  • Have fun with the little ones.

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Work Ethic

  • Pride in being a Josh & John's scooper.

  • Keep busy during down time.

  • Adept multitasker.

  • Take responsibility for actions, improvement, and schedule.

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  • Able to hustle and move with purpose.

  • Move quickly without losing warmth and approachability.

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  • Become an Ice Cream expert.

  • Know all flavor descriptions, recipes, and procedures.

  • Seek out knowledge rather than assume or cut corners.

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Team Player

  • Put others first.

  • Highly coachable and receptive to feedback.

  • Active participant in creating culture.

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  • Greet customers with an authentic smile, good eye contact, and a positive attitude.

  • Maintain a friendly demeanor.

  • Be approachable by both customers and coworkers.

Time Commitment: Josh & John's is open year round. While we prefer to hire year-long scoopers, seasonal positions are available - especially in the summer. Nights and weekends are our busiest times; please consider this when applying. If you cannot work past 8/9p, this may not be the job for you. Week-to-week schedule varies on season, staffing, and other factors. Minimum of 2 shifts per week is required; 3 shifts is preferred. 1-2 days of weekend availability is required. We are experts in working with student schedules so long as you meet these requirements. 

We have three convenient retail locations within Colorado Springs:


Mountain Shadows

Flying Horse

Come scoop ice cream in

Northern Colorado:

Fort Collins-Jessup Farm


Would you like to make ice cream at our Churn Barn in Colorado Springs?

This is a great opportunity for you to work weekdays.  We do not churn on nights or on weekends.

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