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Co-Founders Josh Paris and John Krakauer




The Colorado Craft Creamery

Right after graduating from Middlebury (Josh) and CC (John), we returned to our hometown of Boston with the goal of learning everything we could about the art of crafting and serving ice cream while managing a business. In December of 1985, Josh and I packed our possessions into Josh's trusty 1982 brown Volvo and embarked on our ice cream journey to Colorado Springs. With a combined business experience of just three months, no real job experience, and degrees in unrelated fields (math for Josh and psychology for me), we set out on this adventure.

Our first store, located on Kiowa Street in downtown Colorado Springs, opened its doors on June 26th, 1986. The inaugural ice cream flavor I created was Cookies & Cream, and as soon as it emerged from the churn, we knew we had something special. The lines extended out the front door from day one!

Today, Josh & John's has become a beloved institution in Colorado. Visitors often say that a trip to Colorado isn't complete without seeing the Air Force Academy, reaching the summit of Pikes Peak, exploring Garden of the Gods, experiencing the Broadmoor, and indulging in a visit to Josh & John's. We've expanded to five retail locations, developed a thriving wholesale business, introduced two converted vintage VW Scoop Buses that can be rented for ice cream events, and established the Churn Barn, our central manufacturing facility.

We take immense pride in being a part of the communities we serve and remain dedicated to providing our loyal fans with the finest ice cream in the world, right here in Colorado!

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