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The Scoop Buses


Ice Cream Food Truck Scoop Bus
Ice Cream Food Truck Scoop Bus 2

Booking an event...

We now have 2 buses!

Colorado Springs vicinity only.
These buses can only operate in fair weather.

Ice Cream Food Truck Scoop Bus 1
Ice Cream Food Truck Scoop Bus 3

  1. Submit the Scoop Bus Questionnaire 

  2. We will contact you to discuss details and answer questions.

  3.  Pay the $195 booking fee and sign the contract.  As part of our ongoing commitment to public education, Josh & John's will waive this fee for district schools that are celebrating teachers or students.  These events must take place during school hours. Events like proms and athletic event concessions are not eligible for this discount.

  4. We are on our way! IMPORTANT NOTE: The Scoop Bus is a fair-weather vehicle and cannot travel or serve guests if the weather is prohibitive (hail, snow, major wind, severe thunderstorms, etc....).  However, if the weather is not suitable for the Scoop Buses we do have alternate vehicles available that are capable of servicing your event.

Flexible Pricing...

We will work with you on ensuring that your Scoop Bus party stays within a budget by either capping the event at a set dollar amount and/or limiting what guests can order.

The Menu

The Scoop Bus carries a set menu of pre-packed 8 oz. ice cream cups. Your guests will be able to choose from our 8 most popular flavors plus we always carry a "No Milk, No Whey" option.

Alternate Catering

We have other great options if the Scoop Bus is reserved on your event date & time or if this option doesn't work for you.

Please direct all questions you have about the

Scoop Bus to

Do not contact the retail stores.

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