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Party Pack

Each pack contains 6 individual 8 oz. cups
In stock
Product Details
  • You receive 6 packs of our 8 oz. cups along with napkins and spoons.
  • Once placed in your cart you can decide to have this delivered or you can save $25 by picking it up. The minimum order for delivery is $150.
  • If you choose to have your order delivered our friendly driver will ask for a signature. A responsible party must be available when the order is delivered as we can not drop this off on your doorstep for obvious reasons!
  • A typical EMPTY home freezer will hold about 3 to 4 trays (6 each). A chest freezer will hold more. Remove the cups 15 minutes before party time to make sure they are soft and easy to eat.

If you choose to pick this item up you must do so at the Churn Barn (1044 Elkton Drive). It is not available for pick-up at our retail locations!

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