Booking an event...


  • Step 1. Check availability on calendar 

  • Step 2. Submit 

  • Step 3. Pay the $175 booking fee. (We'll send you an invoice once we confirm all event details.)

Once paid, we will send you an event confirmation email.

The bus will be yours for 2 Hours.

Flexible Pricing...

 We will work with you on ensuring that your event stays within your budget by either capping the event at a set dollar amount and/or limiting what your guests can order.

The Menu

We will build the menu you want.


The most common menu includes scoops ($4 for one scoop, $5 for two scoops and $6 for three scoops) and toppings ($1 each).

A popular limited-contact option is a pint event for $7 each.

You also get to choose THE FLAVORS from our list of 15.

Remember that the pricing does not include the separate booking fee.

Have it your way!!