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Booking an event in
Colorado Springs...


  • Step 1. Check availability on calendar 

  • Step 2. Submit request for  

  • Step 3. Pay the $175 booking fee. (We'll send you an invoice once we confirm all event details.)

Once paid, we will send you an event confirmation email.

The bus will be yours for 2 Hours.

Flexible Pricing...

 We will work with you on ensuring that your event stays within your budget by either capping the event at a set dollar amount and/or limiting what your guests can order.

The Menu

In order to offer a robust flavor line-up the bus carries nine varieties of 8 oz. cups including a "No Milk, No Whey" dairy-free variety.

Please note that the booking fee is separate.  You will pay the booking fee plus the cost of the ice cream served at your event.

Other Catering

Click Here if the Scoop Bus is busy (It's pretty popular!) or you would like to explore other catering options.

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