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In 1986 John, a recent Colorado College graduate, ran to his childhood friend with a proposition! Bring the beauty of east coast ice cream to Colorado. Excited by the opportunity, Josh obliged and the two friends vowed to each other to serve the best homemade ice cream in Colorado Springs. Did they know what they were doing? NO! But, they spent long hours perfecting their craft—continually tweaking their process and meticulously modifying the ratios until they reached their goal. What else would you expect from two high school math teachers? 


Over the course of five decades, Josh & John's Ice Cream has become a main attraction in Colorado, but it has been a journey with lots of twists and turns, sprinkles and broken waffle cones, but one thing remains the same... ice cream is a passion!

Visit any location across the state, and you'll find happy scoopers and tremendous Ice Cream and treats, and that will always be the case as every member of the Josh & John's team knows that a friendly smile and a scoop (or three) of ice cream can make someone's day.

Today, we vow to bring you and yours splendid service and delicious treats as we keep the dream of two ambitious childhood friends alive! Hope to see you soon :) 

The Churn Barn

Colorado Springs, Colorado

We're growing! As the demand for cold gold grows, we moved our production to a larger facility. The vision is coming to fruition and the spirit of Josh and John is vibrant in the young churners that produce over three thousand gallons of Ice Cream a week. 

The journey never ends! We're constantly tweaking and devising new recipes to bring you the best Ice Cream Colorado has to offer. 

So What's Next?

We're still going strong! Growing through recessions and pandemics, our team continues to grow, adapt, and serve the community that has supported our business throughout the years. 


                            Thank you, 




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