Click the picture below to reserve the Scoop Bus! Hurry…slots fill up fast.

Click the picture below to reserve the Scoop Bus!  Hurry…slots fill up fast.
111 East Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Our Story


The Ice Cream Dream

By the time John Krakauer graduated from Colorado College in 1985, he had decided that Colorado Springs was a great place to live. However, there was something missing. Colorado Springs needed a great homemade ice cream shop like the ones Josh & John had visited while growing up in the suburbs of Boston.

While in college, John contacted his high school buddy Josh and they began dreaming.

A Downtown Favorite

After six months in Boston learning the art of crafting the best possible ice cream they could, Josh and John came to Colorado and opened up their own shop on Kiowa Street in the summer of 1986. Josh & John’s was an instant success. The people of Colorado Springs helped to shape the ice cream shop: always offering feedback, encouragement and showing up to share in the experience – and, of course, having great ice cream.

Along the way Josh returned to Boston to be closer to his family. John started a family and went back to school to become a high school math teacher. Today, as coincidence would have it, John is a math teacher at Palmer High School here in Colorado Springs and Josh is also a math teacher in Brookline Massachusetts.

And Josh and John’s became a mainstay in Colorado Springs culture.

The Dream Continues

Since that first summer, Josh & John’s expanded into a larger location on Pikes Peak Avenue in order to better serve their many ice cream fans. Twenty seven years later, Josh & John’s remains the premier spot for the best ice cream in Colorado Springs, with locations in Downtown and Mountain Shadows.

Original favorites like Oatmeal Cookie, Almond Joy, Mocha Java Jolt, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry and Colorado Cookies & Cream are churned every day inside the walls of Josh & John’s.

And it all started with two guys with an ice cream dream.

Ice Cream, the Josh & John’s Way

The ingredients we use to make our ice cream and the way we churn it make all the difference. We start with the best possible ingredients and then each batch of ice cream is slow churned for nearly an hour in turn of the century rock salt and ice freezers.

Whereas other ice creams are blast frozen in about 6 minutes, we are convinced that the best tasting ice cream is made when it has the time to be infused by whatever flavors we add through the churning process. Whether that flavor is Colorado Cookies and Cream, Butter Pecan, Oatmeal Cookie, or any of our other favorites, it’s the-slow churn approach coupled with our ice cream maker’s attention to detail and the use of the best ingredients available that make the difference.

Josh & John’s is the only shop in Colorado that still uses this slow churn approach to making ice cream. It takes longer and requires more resources, but we wouldn’t do it any other way. We believe in it.

The results are noticeable. The ice cream is creamy, dense and full of flavor. We are so convinced that this is the best ice cream you have ever tasted that if you are not completely satisfied just ask your scooper for a no-questions-asked full refund.

Earn Free Ice Cream

Grab a free card and start collecting punches towards free ice cream

Our unique loyalty program links the weather with punch specials which allows you to earn free ice cream fast. The worse the weather is, the more punches you receive.

For example, you will be well on your way to a free regular scoop of ice cream if you brave the snow. Each item purchased on a snowy day will earn you 5 punches. If it is below zero it gets even better. If you brave the extreme cold you will be rewarded with, 15 punches which is enough for a free cone.

World Famous Trivia

Every day we post a brain-busting trivia question.

Answer the trivia question of the day and receive an extra punch on your Ice Creamometer card. It takes only 15 punches to receive a free regular scoop. If you brave the bad weather you will be rewarded with even more punches.